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981 pages; ISBN 0-9772385-0-5, Hardcover, $44.95

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486 pages; ISBN 0-9772385-0-4, Hardcover -$29.95

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This book reveals the truth about the National Grand Lodge and debunks:

False Statements, Misinformation, Slander, Propaganda, and Myths.

For the first time, the inner workings of the National Grand Lodge and its relation to Prince Hall Freemasonry is revealed.

"Is the National Compact, directly descended from African Lodge No. 459, practicing regular Masonry, and shunned as irregular?" S. Brent Morris

"Guaranteed to dash many recognition beliefs" Dave Daugherty

I received a copy of "Out of the Shadows" yesterday afternoon and spent
most of the evening looking it over.
What a great book!
As you would expect, a history of Prince Hall Masonry is given,
but this book is so filed with information and details that it can be viewed as of encyclopedia value.
Not only is the story told, but chart after chart and document after document is offered to clearly present Prince Hall Masonry
and the events leading up to and beyond recognition.
This is clearly a "must have" book for both,
the serious researcher or those with just an interested in the events.
Michael Poll (Thelostword E-list)

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pages; ISBN , Hardcover, $49.95

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I am thoroughly impressed by the quality and quantity of the information.
The many documents, receipts, direct testimony transcripts under oath
from several of the principles, and court proceedings, make this a most intriguing read.
Reminiscent of a 1960s popular police oriented TV show in which the lead detective
would always tell the witness being interviewed, Just the facts, Just the facts.
The detective, Det. Sgt. Joe Friday, played by actor Jack Webb was insistent in wanting, Just the facts.
This has led me to dub this book by detective Bro. Roundtree,
The Dragnet Edition of what happened in the USC-SJ that lead to this Fractured Legacy.

Walter A. Easley 33

Founded in 2004 by Alton Roundtree, KLR is a small publishing company that can handle big publishing jobs.  Based in Forestville, Maryland, 'Out of The Shadows' is KLR's first book. Currently, several manuscripts are being prepared for release in early 2007. The Masonic Globe Magazine is also scheduled to be published in 2007.  The company will publish a variety of books including fiction and poetry. KLR Publishing
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